Everything in a skincare you’ll ever need

Glad you stopped by fellow skincare junkie. So let me get this straight. With so much advancement in everything in the modern world, same has happened with our skincare world as well. And this massive revolution in the skincare industry has brought innumerable skincare products which are so ineffably aesthetic. But this brings us to the question that even though there are like a bajillion products out there claiming to magically cure whatever skin issues we have, do we actually have to invest the price of a tesla in a skincare? The simple answer is no. You can have a great yet minimalist skincare routine with amazing products at a bargain price.

Through this basic skincare guide, you’ll find the only products you’d ever need to stay glowing.

Cleansing balms

If you want something that cleanses your skin yet feels like a melting cloud on your face, you sure need to get your hands on these asap.

The concept of cleansing balms, lets just say, is not that new. While some of you may be aware of what it is, some of you might still be wondering. And for those of you who are still using make up wipes and micellar water to remove their make up, boys and girls, hear me out because you ain’t doing that right. I’m not in any way demonizing make up wipes or micellar water but you know, when you can actually have great stuff with just about the same price why not step out of the conventions?

So, what are cleansing balms?

Cleansing balms are practically cleansers but in the form of creamy, thick, wax textured melting balms. They gently yet effectively remove all the dirt, gunk, oil and make up from your skin without overly drying it out and letting the skin retain all its moisture.

Besides the experience you are going to have using a cleansing balm is, oh my gosh, simply magical. The moment when you rub it between the palms of your hands and it emulsifies so beautifully into this fine, cloud of soft texture that you can’t help but fall in love with, is way too extreme to be expressed. So, what are you waiting for ?? Get yourself one. You won’t regret this purchase like ever in your life.

Cleansers aka Facewashes

This is that one MVP that can either make your break your skin

Ok, so hear me out. You must definitely be thinking that when I’ve already blabbered the benefits of cleansing balms, why would I want you to spend your money on other other cleansing options aka washes? See, the thing is that after cleansing balms have perfectly cleansed your skin, you’d need something to take that off as well and for that we need face washes. The second best cleanse leaving your skin feeling crazy fresh. Make sure to find yourself a facewash that matches your skin type. For my dry and dehydrated skin squad, you may want to go with something really gentle and creamy and for my greaseballs, you should go with something that really focuses more on removing that excess sebum coming out of your pores like gel cleansers. And don’t over do the process of cleansing even if you have a really oily and greasy skin because guess what?? Depriving your skin of its natural sebum which usually happens when we over cleanse it, will compromise your skin barrier aka your very first protective layer, epidermis.

Gently massage the cleanser into your skin for thirty to sixty seconds give and take and then wash it off. I recommend washing your face at least once a day and maximum twice a day.


Don’t wanna age like a raisin? Do this !!

Many of you or should I say almost all of you must be aware with this platitude yet crucial step, still there are many misconceptions and pre-conceived ideas about moisturizing your face such as, avoid it completely if you are someone with an oily skin type because your skin itself hydrates it by producing a gallon of sebum but “NO”. You have to moisturize even if you have an oily skin type to prevent TRANSEPIDERMAL WATER LOSS also known as TEWL.

In a nutshell, TEWL is nothing but as the name suggests, your skin losing water which makes it even drier and dehydrated. There’s a certain science behind it and it TEWL indeed is no joke. So, keeping that in mind, let’s go moisturize. My dry skin squad should go for thick and very creamy moisturizers in order to moisturize every single jonesing for water cell in our skin and oily ones should go for a gel textured stuff and something that won’t be heavy on their skin and will quickly absorb.

However, some of the ingredients to completely avoid when it comes to moisturizers are alcohol which will be labelled under as denatured alcohol, SD alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, ethanol and methanol. These ingredients should basically be cancelled when it comes to skincare but oh well. Nevertheless, avoid them utterly. NO MATTER WHAT because they are just going to strip you off of your natural moisture making your skin more prone to irritation, inflammation and wrinkles.

Make SPF your BFF

The ultimate cure to ninety percent of the skin problems. Besides, skin cancer is no joke.

Last but most definitely not the least, sunscreens. And oh lord, I can’t stress the importance enough! Honestly, if you are someone who can’t even invest in an moisturizer, invest in a sunscreen. Don’t contemplate anything just DO IT. The thing is that you can legit do a twenty step skincare routine but let me tell you mate, if you are not wearing an SPF, none of that is going to matter. And that’s exactly what’s making me yell here so bad to encourage you to wear an SPF, at least 30. Moreover, if your skin is already irritated i.e. having issues like acne, scars, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, etc. sun exposure is only going to make that worse. And even you have a fantastically flawless skin, skin cancer is still a very strong possibility, honeybunch. Hence, get your hands and face and the entire body on at least SPF 30. Sunscreens basically contain UV-Filters which block the ultra-violet rays of sun from actually touching your skin, preventing your skin against cancer. Therefore, the conclusion says, get yourself a sunscreen asap.

Every penny will be so worth it and you’ll thank me later. Sunscreens do tend to leave a little bit of white-cast at times though that is why make sure to buy one which flawlessly fits your skin tone and work it all the way into your skin to prevent your face from turning into a total shades of grey.

Don’t get despondent, everyone’s journey starts somewhere. Let this be yours!!




Skintelligist, psychologist and a persistent learner

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Aashi Singh

Aashi Singh

Skintelligist, psychologist and a persistent learner

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